We believe that the first six years of life constitute an incredible period of growth. Our program seeks to capitalize on this potential by providing children with ample opportunities for development.

At Spirit West Preschool Academy we provide multiple and varied materials in which children can explore literacy and mathematical concepts.  We supply activities that help develop both fine motor and practical-life skills. Large-motor skills are enhanced as we play in the multipurpose area or outside when the weather permits. The classroom also contains toys, puzzles and books that will engage the children.

Each child is valued for his or her own unique personality, talents and learning styles. Children are encouraged to interact with their peers appropriately, to learn independence, self control, cooperation and communication skills. Care is taken to show empathy for one another.
We endeavor to make each child's first experience


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Weekly music and art lessons are provided along with theme-based crafts. Story time, singing, group games and creative drama are part of our curriculum.  We send home monthly calendars to inform parents of the social and science concepts we are studying and parents are invited to continue the expansion of these themes at home. In addition, related field trips are scheduled several times throughout the year. We also have class parties that celebrate traditional holidays and we enjoy putting together two concerts, one in December and another in June.

The joy of reading leads to a lifetime of learning and pleasure. With this in mind, our preschool teachers focus on phonetic development through the use of Montessori materials, games, stories and a variety of complementary activities. Sensorial experiences aid in memorization of sound to letter correlation. The children learn to trace or print each letter as it is introduced and then, as progress takes place, they are encouraged to spell words using moveable alphabet letters. As the children gain confidence, they will start to print words, put them into sentences and continue on to make up their own stories. 

Spirit West Preschool Academy

Montessori: Preschool - Kindergarten

For more information please phone us at (780) 240-9084

7003 - 199 Street, Edmonton AB, T5T 3A8